Board of Directors

2018 Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a representation of community leaders as well as businessmen and women who volunteer their time and talents for the benefit of our YMCA. Without their guidance and fundraising, our Y would not be a shining example of what a small town can accomplish when it set's it's mind to a worthwhile task.

Chairman, James C. Saunders

Vice-Chairman, E. Wilson Clary

Treasurer, Henry C. Boone

Secretary, Elizabeth C. Hobbs

Special Events Co-Chairperson, Boyce Adams

Special Events Co-Chairperson, Gloria D. Robinson

Janey Bush

Dr. Tom Grenell

John Holtkamp

Meade Horne

Ned Lankford

Dr. Fitzgerald Marcelin

Dr. Harold Neal

Richard Pearson

Dr. Al Roberts

Jeff Robinson

The Honorable Allan Sharrett

Brian Thrower

John Walston

Agnes Whitehead

Cindy Wrenn

Robert C. Wrenn

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